Questions about Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Insolvency.

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By griffy
#24482 Hi All,

Not sure if anyone can help me on this query but any advice would be a great help.

I am currently going through the processes of an IVA application with Shaws who i must say are fantastic.Tried to contact then today but closed till monday.

The good old postman delivered a letter through my door this morning and it was from a debt collecting agency called Credit Solutions acting on behalf of Egg.

The letter has informed me that i have failed to settle the account or submitted a satisfactory proposal and that they are now going to pass it onto a company called Power 2 Contact who turn up at your front door and demand payment.

I have spoken to Credit Solutions and informed them that i am going ahead with an IVA proposal but they have said until the IVA has been agreed they will keep on going to try and get the payments and they will not stop the process of people turning up.

Each month i am making token payments to these people but i may as well give up doing this as it still does not to seem to do any good.

Any advice to stop these people from coming round my house would be great.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.
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By plumduff
#24804 They probably wont come round - but if they do - shut the door on them and tell them to bu**er off - you are under no obligation to speak to someone on your doorstep - they are not bailiffs.

Just stand form and pay what you have asked for already - your token payments per month. Dont give in to their bully boy tactics...
By griffy
#24835 Hi,

Many thanks for you advice regarding this matter.I will keep this in mind.

Many Thanks

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By JaneClack
#25013 They can waste their time knocking on an unopened door whilst you watch the TV.

The debt will be included in the VA so just ignore them!