Questions about Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Insolvency.

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By garrywall
#10885 Just been told today that a promotion at work has come through giving me an extra £180 income after tax. Under my IVA I know 50%ish of this has to go to the IVA. However, my ex-wife recently told me she is going bankrupt. She usually pays me £100 a month maintenance towards my daughter but says she wont be able to afford this anymore. Will the IP offset this loss with my salary increase and then just ask for half of the remainder i.e £80. Also, do I tell him now or wait for him to do a salary review. The IVA has only been going two months.
By watavIdun
#10887 Hi

I'm no expert but I think you'll find your ex cannot escape her maintenance payments even through bankruptcy. I think the OR will/must allow these. Am certain someone else will clarify this for you.

My iVA has just started and I have a duty to report any increase to my IP so if I were you I would be dropping them a line. If you wait til the end of the year you'll probably cop for a lot of back pay!
By garrywall
#10911 The payment was a mutual arrangement as the CSA are useless. She's had her hours cut at work and has no surplus income at all after all her essentials rent, counciltax, utilities, food, etc are taken into account. She shown me her payslips, etc as we do still talk and she lives on her own since her partner died recently. Ok, lets ask the question again. What if she lost her job which meant she definately couldn't pay me? What would the IP do then?
By doemichael
#10950 Hi Garry

Have a word with IP, my income changed when I changed job and I phoend Ip and asked about the first month when I was due to get only 2 weeks money and my ex never paid my CSA money.

What they agreed to do is work out total for period say 3 months and take away 3 months of the total thay have worked out my income is then we pay 50% of the difference. This is due to my hubby geting paid at irregular intervals.

Let me know what they say/
By garrywall
#10955 Sent the question to simon wiggins who advised me to read through my proposal and see if it states that I have to inform them of any income increases, etc. It doesn't; it just says that my IP will do an annual review of my salary and determine what future payments will be. So I'm tempted to leave it until my annual review which will be in April.