Questions about Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Insolvency.

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By janscovitz
#112232 Hi all and thx for the replies to yesterdays question/dilema.Today other things to think of and would like to know if anyone can recommend a company that does mortgages for people in IVA and any idea of rates I may exoect??
By mellowman
#112431 Check with your IP, they should have a list of reputable companys that they use.
By scootw2
#112473 I thought you were not allowed credit of any kind while in an IVA?
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By Shameless
scootw2 wrote:I thought you were not allowed credit of any kind while in an IVA?

your not allowed any without the consent of the IP excluding utilities.
By debtfree1day
#112498 Oh bugger!

I've changed my mobile phone (for a cheaper contract) as I was failing miserably to keep to my IVA allowance with my old one and I've changed my insurance and breakdown provider for my car. I haven't changed the way I pay for these as I've always paid monthly. I didn't tell my IP because I didn't view them as credit as such, just swapping like for like. Have I been a bad boy???? I've already had one ticking off :naughty: (which they've got wrong anyway) I don't want another. :cry:
By mellowman
#112529 you should be fine, you haven't taken out new credit, just replaced, i'd mention it to the ip though, just to stop you getting another slap on the wrist! :)
By nirvana
#112723 Two companies that I have been told about from IPs are Pink and possibly John Charcoal. As far as having credit in an IVA if you already have a mortgage I understand you are allowed to change mortgage providers as long as you keep the equity the same.