Information and questions relating to Debt Relief Orders

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By Thisisit
#472162 I have been in a Debt Management Plan with Step Change for 7years and have paid off £23,000 and owe £14,030.00 approximately. I received child benefit, child tax credits and carers allowance as my son is autistic up until September, 2014. In September he began University and is now able to live by himself at Uni. At this point all my benefits stopped, and I managed to keep paying Step Change £100 a month because I had received some PPI, that has now gone too. I have tried to get work, but at 58,with no skills and no work experience, I am getting nowhere and I am not entitled to Job Seekers Allowance. I am married and the only income I get is from the housekeeping money my husband gives me to buy food, etc. He pays the other bills. Stepchange said I was not eligible for a Debt Relief Order and have said my husband can pay £25 per month (£5 for each of the 5 creditors) until things change. They are not his debts and he has never known about me getting into debt. I thought I fitted the criteria,as I cannot see this situation changing and I don't have any assets over £300 and don't own my house. Could you please advise me.
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By JaneClack
#472163 As a Debt Relief Order is an individual remedy then there should be no reason you cannot apply for one. We have certainly done DROs for individuals as your partner is not responsible for your debts especially as he is paying all the other bills and your only income is your housekeeping.

It may be their specific criteria but you could certainly apply elsewhere to your local CAB or another competent authority. The only problem would be if the creditors were still adding interest and charges as the debt needs to be under £15,000 by the time the application is made.