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By DorsetStrider
#119721 Hello all.

After answering lots of posts and pm's the last few days I thought it would be helpful to do a quick guide to going bankrupt from an emoutional standpoint, including some things that might help.

1) Just because you are going BR does NOT mean you are sutomatically a criminal or treated as such. I know that's what the banks would love us to beleive but it is just not the case. Literally 1000's of people go bankrupt up and down the country every year. We have all taken out credit, we have all had the intention of paying it back.

2) DON'T WORRY!!!! I know this is easier said than done but trust me when I say that I almost garuntee that you are building it up in your mind to be a far scarier (is that a real word?) thing than it acctually is. For the most part court staff and OR's are helpful and understanding. They have heard it all before so they know you are not the only one.

3) COURT DAY. If it's at all possible take a friend or loved one with you to court. There is usually a lot of sitting around time while you wait for the court staff to do their thing before you go in to see the judge. If you are there alone you will only think about things and get nervous and work yourself up into a state. Please take someone with you to talk to you about unrelated stuff while you wait, it really will help.

3b) Do NOT joke with the judge. While they are usually very helpful and understanding they are like police officers... they have no noticable sense of humour.

4) OR's Interview. As has already been said most OR's are very helpful and understanding. Just be striaght with them and everything will be fine. If you have a tele interview make sure you have everything you need to had including all paperwork, and if you are a smoker an ashtray and packet of fags. Again DON'T worry!!! It's not as bad as your mind has made it out to be.

5) Arrange something for the afternoon/evening after both the court date and OR interview. Even if it's just a friend coming over and watching a movie. The emoutional release after these is massive if you have something to keep your mind busy it will have the effect of making things sink in slower at a rate your mind can handle.

And finally....

6) IT'S NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK!!!! I know I've said this before but I think it's worth stressing the point. It really isn't so bad, and the releif and euphoria when it's all over and you never (with any luck) have to worry about baliffs, bank managers, or ringing phones again is amazing.

Hope all this helps, good luck.... and DON'T WORRY!!!! :)
#119768 Good tips DorsetStrider!!
By treebump
#119781 Dorset Strider has been a star - he's PM'd me with so much advice. Thanks for staying around!
By DorsetStrider
#119783 Always happy to help. Tis why I signed up.
By stevo
#119794 Nice one Dorset.. I am getting a bit more nervous as the day approaches... cheers m8.
By sarahme
#119919 ooo can we make this a sticky? good tips and advice there
By Tonyamendola
#120099 Hey Dorset

Do you study ACIM :)
By DorsetStrider
#120100 I have done in the past.
By Tonyamendola
#120102 Saw the link in your responses :D
Hope you didnt mind me asking - I started it about a year ago after a little experience :D
By DorsetStrider
#120103 As I said I've studied it in the past. Like most things I've found there are both good and bad points..... I've taken those that I see as good points like I do with everything I study.
By Tonyamendola
#120104 I actually came upon it after I had what the book refers to as Revelation - about 3 years ago now

A very good friend of mine who i explained what i had experienced gave it to me about a year ago and to be honest I havent bothered with anything since that - It just sung to me

Theres a nice group at Bridport every Monday as well

But its horses for courses :)
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By Kaiser Soze
#136713 Thank you , i will be pestering you no doubt in upcoming months! This will be my new (or 1st!) bible!
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By RazzTazz
#149410 Ah, these are some good tips right there. I'd like to reinforce point 6) IT'S NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK!!!!

It truly isn't. Extremely overrated the reaction some people have about it.