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#366173 I had a trial with credit expert and cancelled and they keep bugging me about ractivating my accoutn for a fee and then a further monthly fee of around £6 a month.

With this I get access to file and they notify me of any changes and they also claim to be able to match you up with creditors who will provide credit such as mortgages based on your score etc.

I must admit I am tempted as I feel I may need to keep a closer eye on what is happening with my file.

I can't see why you can't pay £2 and get the status of your file online - instead of having to wait in the post for it.
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By TalbotWoods
#366233 The reason why they dont do the £2 statutory one on line is down to a combination of them wanting you to take the more expensive route and the fact the law tells them that the Statutory one has to be a paper version (not everyone has online access that is secure).

Some people do have the rolling monthly access to either Experian or Eqifax, just to keep an eye on what is happening with their accounts, for some it is like watching paint dry, for others it is a chance to make sure that creditors and DCAs are behaving properly. It is alwasy down to the individual. I believe Equifax do a 30 day trial period, which you can also sign up to ( and then cancel if you dont want it PRIOR to the 30 days)

CallCredit do a pretty poor freebe via Noodle, which surprise surprise is part of CallCredit. But I have personally found it to be (how can it put it politely) inaccurate at the best of time!

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