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#346583 Hi All

Firstly my I apologise for the amount of spam that has been on the forum of late. Despite all we do, automatic bots can and do work around the joining process.

Part of this attempt to stop them means that for the present we have had to activate our new users post moderations bits. This means when a new user first posts, it will have to be approved before it shows, but once we know you are genuine, we will unlock this on new users, so all your posts show instantly.

Apologises for having to do this, but we have already deleted nearly 500 spam messages this month so far, and to me (and probably you) it is better that they dont even get on the forum in the first place

#346613 Seems a lot of them are not posting but just PM'ing.

I've received another PM today from:-


which was identical to the one I reported to you yesterday (Nike trainers).
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#346623 Your latest had joined on the 25th March and had sat waiting their time.

All new joiners have had PM permissions blocked, until they are taken out of the new users system, but those already on board can still PM.

Please accept may apologises for this normal manic mad service will resume in the not to distant future....Honest Gov'
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