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By no hoper
#337673 I went BR 5 yrs ago & make a point annually of getting my Statutory Reports from the 3 CRAs so far the info has been accurate & no major probs.

However, i have heard about this mysterous 4th CRA/Fraud Agency National Hunter according to their site they charge a rip off £10 for my statutory report. How can they justify this & is it worth it.

Has anyone had any dealings with them.
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By TalbotWoods
#337693 They are NOT a Credit Reference Agency, they are a national organisation that hold a record of fraudulent activity that is associated with your name. Similar in a way to the Registry Trust Ltd hold all records regarding CCJs, Liability Orders, etc.

The £10 is the required fee to make a Subject Access Request under the Freedom of Information Act.

So unless you have a record of fraud, you wont have a record with them, as they are part of the CIFAS network, and they supply information to the CRAs.

They do not hold any credit scoring records, credit histories, information concerning County Court Judgements (CCJs) or bankruptcies, nor do they store Electoral Roll information.

And now the most confusing part, National Hunter are part of chance do you recognise the name?