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By AlecK
#292013 Hi All been a while Survived bankruptcy and i am in the process of cleaning up my credit files - Please could someone answer a question for me as the more i think about it the more i confuse myself (not hard to do). I was declared bankrupt on tye 25th of Jan 2007 (discharged a year latter) and all the default dates will show this eventually when the files are updated - Is it 6 years meaning my credit file would be clean by 25 Jan 2012 or 72 months which means Jan 2013. Sorry to ask but i was origionaly thinking 2007 + 6 years = 2013 but the more i think about it it has to be jan 2013. Many thanks Rg alec
#292023 Hi AleK

Glad you're on the up :)

As you suspected it is 6 years from the date of the original bankruptcy so for this particular case it will be cleared up in 2013.

Hope this helps
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By TalbotWoods
#292033 Not quite right, it is actually 6 years from the default date, not the bankruptcy date.

If you get all the defaults set correctly to the date of the bankruptcy, then they will all fall off 6 years from the bankruptcy date, as the will co-incide with the default dates.

If you do as most people do, and that is accept a little be of leeway with them placing the default (normally a month or two maximum), then the account will fall off at the six year point from the default date, or after the bankruptcy date.

However, by having waited this long it is possible that accounts will have been sold on, and you may find is very much an uphill struggle with some, for example, Barclays have a habit of selling the account on, not closing the CRF entries down, and when you ask them to as they no longer hold the account they tell you to get lost.

Expect some of them to have to go to the ICO.

By AlecK
#292073 Thank you for the repies - its much as i expected and complicated by debts sold on and companies bought out ie cahoot to abbey to santander looks like the extra year may well be needed! I will just write to ever credit card and the debt managment company

As allways many thanks for the advice