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By atram
#290133 Hi, I am looking for legal assistance, but so far am unable to find the right kind of solicitor or company to advise me.

I am currently on a debt management plan, which includes an overdraft on my current account. The account was solely in my name for a number of years, however my husbands name was added to the account when he moved to the UK whilst he was setting up his own banking arrangements. When I became in financial difficulty and knew I would need to go on a DMP, I tried to have his name removed from the account. The bank said the only way to remove him was to pay off the overdraft and close the account which I could not do.

As a result of this, he now has a terrible credit score as they has marked him as defaulting on this account when this debt was not run up by him, and the overdraft was in fact already at it's limit when he was added to the account.

We are now in a position to borrow money from a family member to pay off this debt in full. However I am only willing to do so if the default is completely erased from his credit account. I have spoken to experian who say that I should seek legal advice, as the bank should have let me remove his name from the account at the time I requested to.

I have spoken to HSBC who told me to speak to the company who now owns the debt. The other company have said that if we pay the debt off in full then they will inform HSBC, who will mark it as satisfied on the credit report, although the default will still show up. I believe that they have the power to completely erase the default if they want to, at least from my husbands credit file.

Is there any solicitors out there that anyone can recommend that can help me negotiate with them? I have made enquiries to my local solicitors and no one seems to deal with this type of issue.

Or is there another way I should go about dealing with this?