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By Vanderpelt
#220891 After a long struggled to sort out the V household finances we are finally there (which is a surprise to me more than most), so i have been thinking about checking out our CRF so that i can make sure they are all up to date and correct.

So to work it all out i have begun with my own details, and it is all ok really, some bad account action 2 years ago (which is correct, irritating but correct).

The main question that i have is that i have one default around 5 years ago, The account has been marked as settled and the amount was fully repaid. Is it worth my time to write to the lender and request nicely, that since I followed my plan with them to the letter and repaid the debt in full, could they remove the default. It was for a natwest credit card, and I cant really recall a default issued, but then it was a long time ago and I would suspect that they did.

So what do you think?
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By JaneClack
#220920 You could try but as I think you know they will say they cannot.

A default remains for 6 years from when it was first issued and it is already marked as settled - so there is little point putting on a notice of amendment to say that it has been repaid in full anyway.
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By submariner
#220983 In the recent past there have been a few cautions from the experts on this site to beware of "tinkering" with defaulted and settled accounts - even with the best of intentions.

You could possibly cause them to lose their correct default date and thus not drop off your file after 6 years.

That would be a great pity in your case, with a relatively short time to go! (I'm in very much the same position with quite a few 5 year old "settled defaults"... it's so tempting to do something, but so wise to wait!)