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By moaner
#204472 Right, only managed to get files from Callcredit so far, not very good reading. I have a couple of questions:

My bankruptcy date is end August 2007

1) I know bankruptcy does not cover secured loans as such, but we left the house and did not pay it or the mortgage 7 months before bankruptcy, as far as I know the house has only just been sold by NR, who repossessed it in March 2008. On my credit file, the Picture secured loan is showing as "delinquent" and last updated 31/03/2008, my question is, is this correct? should it not be the date of bankruptcy, or is this excluded as it is a secured loan? (There is also the same situation with my car finance, as that was a secured loan too)

2) There are loads of credit searches on my file, that I have not applied for, the dates vary from before my bankruptcy and AFTER, using the address of the house I left for repossession. It states it was for a credit application, I found out that someone was applying for credit pretending to be me, whilst I was bankrupt. This was a spiteful person who I know, trying to get me in trouble. Do these have to stay on the file or not? What can I do about them?

sorry for the essay, but these files are a NIGHTMARE and I have 2 more files to come yet :lol:
By uphillstruggle
#204714 Hi,

The main reference agencies are Experian and Equifax, so I would suggest focusing your efforts with them. Once you have applied for your statutory paper report (£2), they will give you a reference number and a certain number of days in which you can query the items on your report. I have found both of these companies to be very knowledgeable and professional, and they will help you through the process.

That said, if it was me I would be tempted to call the two creditors that have marked your account as delinquent. It almost sounds as if they are unaware of your bankruptcy? (which might be true if you've moved and not given them a new address)
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By moaner
#204718 thanks for reply, I have STILL not received my files from Equifax and Experian, its been weeks now :roll:

Anyway, yes, Picture finance do know of the bankruptcy, as I have spoke to them on a couple of occasions just after the bankruptcy, in fact, they even went as far as to ring OH at his WORK to ask him to make a payment :shock: gggrrrr
Picture have my address and my post is redirected from old house anyway and I have not had any contact from them for months by letter

ALL the accounts on my file are showing as defaults, its as tho the bankrutpcy did not happen :mrgreen:
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By moaner
#204869 got hubby's Experian file back today :shock:

same info as Callcredit, the ONLY creditor who has marked the account as partially settled is Natwest, good on them, but ALL the others are showing as being in default! I guess I need to write to the creditors now to get them to mark them satisfied :? Still don't know what to do about the secured loan as don't know if thats treated differently or not to the unsecured debt?

A worrying thing is there is a search on there, just a couple of weeks ago by a tracing agency, 1st Locate, must be on behalf of a creditor, trying to find us, why would they do this, one year AFTER bankruptcy? Are they allowed to search the credit file without our consent? :?

This is a nightmare :lol:

oh and another thing :roll: the house repossession is on THREE times and the date is wrong :shock:

I wish I had never sent off for these files now, we are probably going to just leave them be, I only wanted to get them in order so that in the future, I could get car HP, I'll think I'll just save up and buy it in cash, even though it may take a while :lol:

I am scared now that in applying for the files, I have opened up a huge can of worms and now the locating agency will find our new address and call around, I still do not answer the phone now, I get really panicky when it rings or anyone knocks on the door, crap :cry: