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By dancov
#196834 Some of former creditors have deleted their entries from my credit files completly.


Have deleted all their records

Also the debt recovery company that bought my Sainsbury's debt ordered Sainsbury's to remove their record.

Obviously I will keep a regulat eye just to make sure nothing creeps back on.

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#196850 Hi there I got there in the end too with the credit refs the main lender had done it all ready. but the mobil phone company took there time I had to wright to the data controler. I actually got a very plesent letter back from them telling me that they had done it so was really pleased now that its all done .

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By Moon74
#203298 That's quite good, Dancov.

I have a question here:-
If a debt is passed on to a DCA, would the original creditor remove the debt from my Credit file as satisfied or settled? Or do they keep it in my file as "default" for 6 years?

Please advice..