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By doemichael
#195824 Our IVA was agreed in May 05, have got copy of experian files and defaults range from May 05 to some showing as defaulted in otehr months , august 05, september 05 and december 05.

Am I right in thinking these defaults should not be later that may 05 or am I imagining that I read that somewhere? :roll:

We will hopefully have completed IVA before end of month with F&F so once we get completion certificate do I then wait and get accounts marked as settled and ask the companied to change default dates?

I know I am thinking ahead but we were thinking as we entered IVA May05 our defaults would have dropped off May2011. Our remortgage ( fingers crossed it goes through this time ) is fixed until November 2011 when if we go to remortage again and defaults have dropped off accounts we will be able to go back to a mainstream lender.

I know the info is here somewhere and will probally find it once I post this message but have looked and cannot see it lol

By doemichael
#195825 just to add our IVA is not registered on our credit files just defaults :? not sure if this is because we are in northern ireland?

opps sorry have just found info by Talbot on IVA section . :lol: