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By scooby1001
#195807 Hi I know it is a strange question but I have an very good credit rating but due to mental health problems where i go completly manic and run up large amounts on credit card i am thousands in debt and live on benefits. I spend years paying them off (never defaulted once) only to do it all over again. I have tried writing to the credit reference places asking them to put a note on my file explaining that i have mental health problems and should not be ever given credit as in my sane moments i dont want it as i am unable to afford it but they refused. SO what would be the easiet and painless way of getting my credit in the toilet. I want to get out of this cycle. Help as i have just had another insane 3 weeks in which i took out 2 credit cards and spent £1,000, now i have come down to earth and its a case of here we go again.
By sans
#195941 Show your GP or Primary Health Care Trust that deal with your Bi-polar or Uni-polar condition your message on this site and ask them to write on your behalf to the credit reference agencies.

The other option is, on your next manic spending spree, do not pay them and cite clinical/mental insanity for non payment, as you were not of sound mind when using the credit facility. This will stop you for at least for six years with a zero credit rating from obtaining more.

However the stress of impending litigation will make your condition far worse.

If this is a genuine post, then you need to seek help, manic depression is a very serious illness, what you don't need is the panic of not been able to answer the door or telephone because of debt.

Genuine help on this matter is available, if they will not accept your medical practisoners advise, then you need to go to the head of each credit reference agency. The CAB can do this for you for free or your ICB officer at the DWP @ Job Centre Plus can write on your behalf again for free.

Good luck, challenge your manic side into something creative, not destructive.
By debtor99
#195943 Hi Scooby, First contgact your local council and see SOVA Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults officer. You are a vulnerable person under the act as you have mental health problems. Ask your local council SOVA officer to take over your finances arranging an Enduring Power of Attorney.
The files can then be updated with a notice that states you are not capiable of managing your financial affairs and no credit will be repaid.
Keep as well as possible
By scooby1001
#195948 thank you both for your replys, i am going back to see the psychirist and hopefully they will find some suitable medication to make me more stable but they have been aware of my condition for years and dont seem to understand the impact it is having on my life. thanks again.