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By Leigh
#195200 Hi,

I've written to all my creditors following discharge in Aug last year. Responses back so far have been great, stating all will be updated. RBS have not been so helpful though.

Their response reads (after the first 2 paragraphs of bumpf):
"Information held with the agencies will only be updated once we have received a copy of the Certificate of Discharge from the account holder. As this document has not been supplied we have been unable to mark the default as satisfied. Please send a copy of the certificate to this department as soon as possible quoting the number above so that we can comply with your request."

So the easy answer is to send a copy, but I have misplaced it. Is there a way to get RBS to comply without the cert (being that everyone else so far is not worried about the cert?).

If not, what is the process to obtain a copy certificate?