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By robpetertopaypaul
#190885 Hi

New to this forum so forgive me if this is a question already answered. I recently obtained my credit file from experian online it told me I had a fair rating 83% however I cannot get credit, the most recent answer I had was from BHS store card, they said it was a problem with my address.
I am a tenant and have been at this address for 4 years I dont have any debt to my knowledge (split from ex and he supposedly paid all bills...well I gave him my half of the bills owed). I do know that the previous tenant at this address has debts all over the place (debt collectors have called many times) could his debts be causing me problems?
I would have thought that 83% was quite a good rating if not how can I improve on it?
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By Yogi Bear
robpetertopaypaul wrote:...I cannot get credit, the most recent answer I had was from BHS store card, they said it was a problem with my address.....

Have you checked that according to your file your name is shown correctly on the Electoral Register at that address? Check also that there isn't anyone else linked to you - a previous tenant certainly shouldn't be.
By quickquestion
#197108 have you had credit at a different address but not put this address on your credit report? it happend to a friend ofmine 7 years ago she had 1 bad account (littlewoods catalog) she diidnt pay the bill on that account (she was a student , single parent , no job, no money) anyways once she got herself sorted out and moved address she applied for a credit card (missing out her old address) as a previos the previous address and she got the card approved. started getting credit no problem, but she went to apply for a bank loan through her bank who obviouly knew her old address so it made a link to her credit report old address, she obtained her credit file which droped from 100% to 80% (although that 1 bad debt didnt show on her credit report) only the % dropped, on calling experian they said that there was a debt against her and to see what it was she had to put her old address on her report. she did this and she was stuick with it on her report until last year it dropped off (after the 6 year past), is there any way you could have debt at an old address or is there any way someone could have applied for debt in your name at an address you used to live at? calling expeian they should tell you if something is against you at a different address, if it is it wont be visable to you unless you put the address in question on your report (although it is visable to lenders) be warned though experial wont tell you what it is until you update the address in question and then there is no going back!
By bunniepop
#201773 Hello, I am in the process of sending letters to all my creditors but i can't locate C L FINANCE? should i write to my local office whom have all my papers or write to the office that dealt with my case? am out of Bankruptcy March 2007- Just trying to tidy up my CRF if possable! Thanks
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By Yogi Bear
#201779 The address you need is:

WF17 9TD