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By terrier
#186581 Hi,my IVA was satisfied last year and finally got my letter of completion from the IP! I recently got copies of my Credit reports from the the big two and both do not mention the IVA?Also one gives me a credit score of 960 which it decribes as good.I do not want to get any more credit and lesson learned but what should i expect on the CR?I also noticed my details had been taken off the Insolvency Register website assume by the IP.
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By Yogi Bear
#186584 When did you enter the IVA? The entry for it on your credit files would only be retained for six years from its original start date, irrespective of when it was completed.
By terrier
#186587 Yogi,it was Sept 2001 and it was due to be completed sept 06 but some dispute re monies paid meant it was completed June 07 and after final report completion and distribution of funds to creditors i got notification in Nov 07 that all matters now concluded.
By terrier
#186591 Great news!! My two IPs over the term of the IVA were in my view good and i always felt they were working for me.Mind you when i saw the final report and the charges i could see why!