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By timidjoker
#182409 Does anyone knows whether the NatWest Data Control Officer (at the 135 Bishopsgate Londpon EC2M 3UR - from the useful info thread ) cover both NatWest credit cards and loans?

I am starting to clear my CRFs by writing to my lenders DCO as suggested on the useful info threads and others, but can't figure out whether or not I need to write to the same address DCO at the NatWest both for NatWest Credit Cards and NatWest loans. Does onyone know? Many thanks.

It may sound as a silly question, but in the past NatWest Cards told me that they are a separaete entity and have a little to do with NatWest Branches, so I wonder whether they have a separate DCO.

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By Yogi Bear
#182410 The entry on the Data Protection Register shows 'National Westminster Bank PLC' with that address. I can't see separate entries for either their loans or their credit cards, so I'd assume the main one covers both.
By timidjoker
#187027 Update:

I wrote to the same address DCO in Natwest asking to clean both a loan's and a credit card's entries. The loan entry was amended but the credit card wasn't. So, I am still not wiser what have caused the difference.

Has anyone had any experience (positive or negative) in writing to the same NatWest DCO and amending both types of entries?
many thanks

By ref file issues
#187223 I wrote to the Bishopsgate address to get my current account and credit card details updated. The address list does not state that the Bishopsgate address is not for credit cards.

They sent it on to dept in Telford who only deal with current accounts and loans.

By rights I'm guessing that I could go to the Information Commissioner but instead I have raised a formal complaint via the main website - just want it sorted ASAP and would be nice not to have to write yet another letter!
By Titanic
#190938 Hi

Don't suppose they gave you the Telford address?? Could you ween it from them? Im quite abit away from my crf cleanup stage but Ive been grabbing bits of info along the way to try and make it as easy as possible :roll:


By ref file issues
#190946 Sorry but I no longer have it. They've finally updated my CRF's, I've checked for myself and so binned the letters. If you have a Nat West Current account or loan then write to the Bishopsgate address and they will forward it on. If you have a credit card then Bishopsgate should forward it onto the correct dept. In my case they did not so I contacted the credit card department (in Southend, Essex, I think) and they resolved the matter quite quickly - I ended up faxing over my discharge cert to them. Should not have had to do this but was quicker than writing to the IC. Best of luck!