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By bobharris
#162441 A couple of years ago I lost my business and ended up in mountains of debt. About a year ago my bank lost patience, closed my account and sent me packing.

After living in the cash economy for a year, I recently opened a basic bank account using a new address that isn't linked with any others I've lived at. I simply told the bank that I'd been living abroad for five years and had just returned. I didn't want to give my old address because I've managed to give the various DCA's that made my life hell up to fairly recently the slip by moving house twice and staying off the Electoral Roll.

I realise I can't bury my head in the sand forever with this but there is some light at the end of the tunnel. In the next 12-18 months my partner and I will be inheriting some property that we plan to remortgage, clearing everything once and for all. Until then, I've come to the conclusion that I want to give the DCA's a wide berth.

So here's the thing; I was told that if I gave my previous addresses to my new bank, this would be reported back to my credit file, linked to my old ones therefore giving any DCA's that do a search on my file a heads up on where I now live - hence why I said I was living abroad up to that point.

So am I correct in the assumption that my new bank will have effectively generated a 'new' credit file, with my name, d.o.b and current address, but unlinked to that of my other one? Is the CRA system clever enough to work out that the names and date of births on two different files are the same, and query it? If it isn't, presumably as I've now got a bank account and a Maestro card it would be possible to go about building up some good history on my 'new' file via a catalogue or mobile phone account etc? There's no way I'd ever want more credit cards or loans in a million years, but it would be a useful in the future to have a credit file that is 'clean', as it were.

Does anyone know the ins and outs of this?
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By TalbotWoods
#162442 This is almost impossible to achieve nowadays, thanks to computerisation.

Yes you may get a clean file for a while, but over time other things will link you, for example:

IF you are on the electoral register, OR HAVE BEEN, all it takes is for one DCA to do a search and the register will link you.

You are considering a remortgage on a property you are going to inherit, there are legal forms that have to be filled in, and they ask very extensive questions which results in deep searches on the CRF.

If a company is doing a search for a missing debtor, and they find your new one, if her are similarities between the two, they my challenge you (threat of court action) and it will be up to you to prove it isn't you!!

If a GAIN entry has been placed on your CRF, of a CIFAS entry, these can link back to you over time.

I will give you a cautionary tale here, I know of someone who left debts in the UK, 10 years ago, and actually did live abroad until 3 years ago, they came back to a 'clean' CRF............

They had no CCJ or anything of the like before moving and basically vanished.

Early last year they received a letter from a DCA, which they ignored, they then received a court summons for a CCJ .........

This WAS upheld in court as they had moved, had deliberately failed to inform the creditors, so the DJ viewed it as a deliberate attempt to defraud, yes I know a very rare example of where the Statute of Limitations CAN be over ridden.....

Within 6 months all the past debts came back to haunt, and he ended up going bankrupt!!.

For him it DIDN'T work, for 99% of people it wont work nowadays, but for a very small number it will work.

Also if you are deliberately avoiding the debts, which from what you have said, then the courts will take a very very dim view of this and what normally they would throw out they will allow.

Avoiding debts is getting much much harder, so please dont think that you can guarantee that it wont come back and bite you, becasue if it does then it will bite a lot lot harder.

By bobharris
#162445 Interesting stuff, thank you Tim. I feared as much!