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#467923 Hello

I owe aprox £4.5K over 2 cards. I am paying them down & pay more than the min every month I have never missed a pymt. However, they are high interest & I would like to Trans the balances to a long term 0% card.

I have read several posts saying it is best to close the existing cards first. However, what if I am still turned down & then have no card at all (as I like to have one at least for emergencies).

I have also read that making too many applications in a short time can also harm your chances of getting a new card. So what I was thinking of doing was making 2 or 3 applications on the same day, one after another. Will the providers see these multiple applications immediately? I was thinking this would give me a better chance, obviously if I got multiple acceptances I would take the best one & decline the others. Also I thought if I could only get the £4.5K trans over more than one call I would be able to do this. Has anyone tried this?

I am not trying to get loads of cards i just want to max my chances of getting rid of the interest & saving some money.

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#467943 Sorry not going to suggest a good or bad route here, other to say that at present you may be better thinking about the old adage "Jumping out of the frying pan.........."
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