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By no hoper
#463203 Hello

Recd my cr file from Equifax. Noticed their is a Notice of Correction regarding an IVA i used to have. It gives the IVA date & then states the IVA was removed from the Insolvency Service records in Apr 2008, the correction was put on my file in Apr 2008 as well . My IVA started in Dec 2007 & it failed after 2 payments as i changed my mind & went BR instead a couple of months later.

The entry for the IVA has dropped off as the 6 year point was reached in Dec & most of the defaults have gone as well. The only adverse info left is the BR entry & a the last 2 defaults all this is due to fall off in March.

I get my files every year & thought this Notice of Correction was just part of the IVA entry & would drop off when the IVA did. Their is nothing like this on Noddle or Experian.

I phoned Equifax & they said only the file holder (me) could make a Notice of Correction to me file. I told her i was adamant i had never done this. She has told me to e-mail them explaining everything & they will remove it within 48 hours.

Has anybody else come across this & do Notices of Correction stay on for more than 6 years

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By TalbotWoods
#463213 Notices of Correction stay on the file until such time as the entry is removed by you. So in effect this could mean unless you remove it, it remains for ever!!.

OK this 'may; have occurred when you had a query with your CRFs a couple of years ago, and I think you spoke with experian. They may have placed it then and if my failingly memory is right it was about the IVA still being shown as active.

This is one of the reasons I dislike NoCs, I much prefer to see the issues sorted out fully, as the NoC actually stops automatic Credit Checking!

They are good are removing them once you request it

By no hoper
#464603 Hello

Thanks for the advice.

To up-date what’s happening. I recd an automated e-mail from Equifax confirming my request to have the NOC removed & to contact them if I had heard nothing after 7 days. On the same day that I recd the e-mail I recd another copy of my statutory cr report in the post & after checking it, I can now find no trace of the NOC. So I assume it is now sorted.

Only a few weeks to go now until all the bad stuff drops off. Only the BR entry & one default still showing.

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By TalbotWoods
#464623 Not that your doing a countdown by chance? :mrgreen:
By no hoper
#464663 Must say though i think these CRAs & whole system need reforming.

In the US i believe you are allowed one free copy of your file a year from their CRAs considering how much they make off the backs of people they should do that here.

Also the 6 year rule for defaults, BR, IVAs etc is far too long (who came up with it) you don't get 6 years for killing someone these days. I would have thought 3 to 4 years is far more reasonable.

Also if you have never had credit & don't intend to ever apply (their must be people like that) or if your record has wiped after 6 years then you should be able to stop them storing your personal info. These are private companies after all not the government.

Finally do we really need 3 CRAs surely one would suffice. I constantly see refs to the in-accurate record keeping by Callcredit. I take it CRAs are licensed so why are Callcredit allowed to stay in business. It seem any dodgy company can setup as a CRA.

Rant over.