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By pauline2812
#303803 2000- Start a New Job At a Children's Play centre ( Small Business. 1 full time staff (Me) , 5-6 part time staff at High school or college.
My Job title - General Dogsbody - Manager when it suited them, more like oldest member Of Staff There.
Work for them for a number of years ( Min Wage).

2007 I am 29& My 35 Yr old Partner is diagnoised with Cancer.
We Have a mortgage - Heads Just above Water.
Partners Employers Good At First , But then Said SSP was paid If they wanted to Pay? This led To a Grievence Being Raised, Complete Break down at his work , Had to Get a solicitor After many letters Back and forth - it was decided to take his boss to an employment Tribunal , As well as dealing with Chemo , Radiotherapy , side effects Growing Financial Problems - Keeping the wolves at bay , 13 yr old son, Me working full time , running a home dealing with all money problems , solicitor , Partner bad mood swings , Oh and looking after my mum who was badly injured a few yrs earlier in car accident.....

May 2007 Rep visted my place of work to talk about hand dryers , Air freshners for the Play centre , My Boss was there , but rushing off to a meeting - was agreed with rep that I could choose what products we we having if any, Rep knew i Was an Employee!
Choose say 5 air freshners for play center to be changed every 4 - 6 weeks .
Installed Products a week later , Invoices started to arrive with my name on. Phoned company to inform them I was an Employee and gave boss details - Spoke to my Boss who said He get it sorted out . Ended up Not working as Much due to all of above oh and depression!

Apparently on the 11 Feb 2008 A judgement by default for unpaid invoices was Made - Against My name and my jobs Address.
Me T/a Tumble Jungle ???*** Did not no anything about it.
7/4/09letter stating insolvency proceedings (never received)
18 june 2009Certificate of service (n86)nwas sent by post via recorded mail, at home address, I signed for mail( you dont know what your signing for untill you've done it and then open it ...)
Couldnt cope , spoke to boss , said he would sort out phoned accounts dept for creditor and again gave my bosses details.
??28 may 2009 deputy district judge considered the application of claiment . the apllication will be heard on 20 july 2009 at neath & port and talbot to see if the charge should contine or be discharged. an N379 was signed and dated by claiment on 11/05/09
[b]18 july 2009wrote to court explaining everything , sent a acknowledgement of service for posted and emailed the court _ Also signed a statement of truth about me being an employee.
20 july 2009 recieved a letter from court comfirming it had recieved my letter an also enclosing an N244 for me to fill in
31 july 2009 recieved a letter from Claiment ( we enclose by way of Service a final charging oeder Made at Neath & Port Talbot??? on the 20 july 2009? . Head Gone whats the point , Courts not listening , why fill in n244 , when final charge been made , citizens advice numerous solicitors advice to pay it as it would be cheaper than there fees, The Debt is For £769.91 I give up put letters in Draw and forget as I have enough problems in my life that are really my problems and not some one else fault.
3/11/2009letter from claiment asking for payment, File it!
Could cope asked brother for advice - Speaks to court on phone and told to fill in form to have judgement set Aside and transfer to local court as i live in bolton. Did this & paid the £75 fee
court case to set aside 26 feb 2010
18/02/2010letter from claiment received- their response and they dont agree.
26/2/2010 Pompus Judge ( we had already been told my elder brother could speak for me . Judge said No , He accepted i didnt know about claim in the beginning, didnt listen to much else, even though i had proof of being an employee, said i had left it to long to sort out didnt even get advise ( I did had ref number from citizens advice and a number of printed emails I sent to solicitors and debt advisors - I also had printed their replys - didnt care dismissed application, refused me permission to apeal.
1 application not made promptly.
2 not necessary to determine issue of defence- cant read next bit but does say something about pointing to liability. my and brother gobsmaked.

14/1/11 notice of pending bankruptcy proceedings
20/1/11 I reply by post and email - not paying -not my debt give bosses details.

1/08/2012 Recieve Notice BC136(co) application to register restriction deadline 22/08/12

Somebody please help me .... can not cope with this any more , ask for legal help told were sorry but you'd be better paying debt -ITS NOT MINE....
Sorry about spelling it is 2.10 in morning.

Also After Doing Numerous Paid Searches at the Registry Trust- The Debt Is Not Registered against Me or my address?? How can this be , But is registered against T/a Tumble Jungle Allenbridge Group PLC and my works Address.
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By TalbotWoods
#303823 Ok I am sorry this has happened but I am going to be brutally honest here, Why hasn't your employer paid this, simple as that as this would have stopped all this happening.

Also as far as I am aware (and I could be wrong here) all children's play organisations have to be registered with Ofstead. Ofstead will blow a fuse and WILL pull the licence if they find a group in financial problems ESPECIALLY bankruptcy, so this needs to be pointed out to your boss.

Whilst the debt and judgement are not registered against you it is because it is a business debt and not a personal debt, but again it should be down to your boss to sort NOT YOU.

But those points aside,you need to seek professional organisational advice on this as it is far5 more complicated than it looks as bits need to be legally unpicked, so I would recommend giving either of the following a call:

PayPlan: Is a national organisation with approaching 20 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of financial situations, no matter how bad they are. Their advice and help starts with a simple phone call to 0800 280 2816

NDL: Is an organisation that advises you on solutions that are available to you, you can contact them on 0808 808 4000

With both their advice is free and confidential
By pauline2812
#303833 Hi & Thanks for your reply,

Sorry I did forget to Mention , that I finished working there in 2009 - The landlord locked the door- and then put a baliffs notice on the door ( cant remember the legal term) my former boss has kept saying all along he will sort this out . obviously he'd never intended to do it.
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By TalbotWoods
#303843 OK if the place was locked and closed off by Bailiff action, then there is little to no way your ex-employer is going to do a thing about this, as it sounds that they have serious debts that have resulted in the scheme being closed.

As suggested, you DO NEED to seek much more coherent advice than we can give here, as this is somewhat more complicated than the norm, especially as you are giving from numbers that they have sent you that do not seem to make sense, as it is normal practice for a court to send these out NOT the claimant!. So I suspect they are trying the bully boy tactics trying to scare you into paying this.

Please speak to one of the organisations listed above (Whose help and advice is free and confidential) as you DO NEED help and support over this!