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By tony c
#294183 Hi All
Got a problem with the above,Long story short,X-wife in property with 15 year old son,been there since split up 10 years ago, been paying sort fall on and off past 10 years(difference between what gov pay and intrest the alliance and leicester need) which increased a while ago,(been paying this on and off because x-wife when with new husband payed it but now divorced so falls back to me) can afford this ok,but the other day get phone call out of the blue,saying had arrears on mortgage to the tune of £465,
so when I asked how,they have made the payments repayment,and told me i need to get in touch with cccs, and just pay my creditors a £1 a month,and I have got a lot of un secure debt, which I can pay no problem,which annoyed me because in lot of debt when split up from x, but payed it all off and built up good credit rating again,
they said sent letter in Nov that we never got,
what i want to know can they change the morgage term like this?
They tell me I should pay creditors a £1 amonth?
There is over 70% equity in house which will be sold when son 18
they have phoned 4 days running and i have told them 4 days running the same thing,
Now letter has come charging £40 a month while in arrears
Should be able to afford the extra payments(£180 a month) in 2 months,change of job and some payments finished,will they wait? can i get them to stop chargers?
sorry for being long post, hope someone can help