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By red24
#293563 Yes disneylover thats what we think.
We dont have any choice if he decides to take it further, we will be responsible i suppose for whatever unless our evidence wins the case!

But we have absolutedly no disposable income so we couldnt pay anyway, adding anything to the DMP it would have to be.

The whole thing stinks, nothing has been handled correctly, we tried to do everything right, left the house in 1st class condition, even refloored the kitchen for him (which he agreed to at our expense, our choice, but the flooring was so bad I couldnt clean it) and left new expensive vertical blinds (our choice) etc etc agents said they found a mark on the blind and the carpet in conservatory didnt fit properly, it was the LLs he laid it.

I could go on and on. Moss on the ground outside, a hole in the lawn where a plant had died, carpets not hoovered - we left 3 months previously.
I would cry - and have - if it wasnt hysterical!!