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#194156 I plucked up the courage to ring the secured loan people today and informed them I will no longer make payments as I am voluntary surrendering the house back to the first mortgage company at end of the week. They are aware of our bankruptcy in December last year.
There will not be enough money for them to get all their money back.
They insisted that we ill be responsible for the loan repayments until the house has been sold and although I said the OR had said not they wouldnt hear it.
I got all upset afterwards can we ever be free of our overwhelming debt ??? I just want to start again debt free ...

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By moaner
#194160 This makes me angry, please don't ring them again, we have had the same trouble with Picture, they are WRONG :shock:

I refuse to even speak to them now, it just gets me all stressed and worried again and they will say ANYTHING because all they are interested in is their money :roll:

If I were you, I would not deal with them again, do not speak to them on the phone and any letters that come, send them onto your OR, explaining that they are still hassling you

You are debt-free, chin up :D
#194167 Thanks moaner your support means so much at this difficult time for my family and me. you are completley right i won`t speak to them again just got myself all stressed and have a headache the size of mount etna.
Do these people think it is easy to give up everything you had in order to free yourself of debt that is so overwhelming you have no choice but to declare yourself bankrupt.
We tried our best to reason with them we suggested allowing us to sell the house and pay the rest back as unsecured debt they turned us down and would not release the house.
Our income plummited when I reduced my hours to be with my son who has autism as as he grows up he requires more time and input from me.
Do those people at Picture ever consider us ordinary folk who do our best to cope with what life throws us..People have killed themselves over their debts and I am prepared to say that without the love of my children and husband I probably would have done the same.......
Sorry feel better for a bit of a rant !


I should have known better than to ring them but at least I didn`t give them me new address or phone number just told em I would be forwarding the mail !
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By moaner
#194170 I know exactly how you feel, they were our worst creditor, they even rung hubby at his work not too long ago, wanting payment :shock: I mean, WTF, we have been bankrupt and now discharged, the house has been repossessed, ALL shortfalls are included in the bankruptcy. Hubby had to put phone down on the woman in the end cos she would not shut up, saying the same thing over and over again, like a blooming robot " bankruptcy does not cover secured debt, blah, blah, blah" :roll:

Definitely don't give 'em your new phone number :shock: You don't need the stress right now