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By sbk3
#160265 HI,

We have found a house to rent which is a great relief, keys next monday
moving in on weekend from the 20th.

Very nice house so that is a good bonus, much better than our own and an extra bedroom, no extra for the dogs just bond and 4 weeks rent in
advance and no questions, so stressed but happy :lol: :lol:

sbk :wink: :wink:
#160269 Congrats - you must be v pleased !
By cadvis3d-r2
#160300 congratulations....good luck with the move... 8)
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By deej
#160324 congrats! good luck with the move

deej :)
By sbk3
#160531 Thanks all

House is ready so collecting keys today, thought it would be monday so this is good as we get an extra weekend to sort stuff.

We have to be out by 25th July, can apply for longer but hope it will all be sorted by then.

sbk xx
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By sarah1975uk
#160687 Good luck with the move. i know it cant be an easy time for you. xxx
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By onke
#161021 All the best sbk, hope the move goes well XX
By red24
#161204 So pleased for you sbk, and looks like you've got a good deal, glad its worked out well for you.
By sbk3
#161218 thanks all,

roll on this time next week, how was the holiday red, good?

will be off line from sat for 10 days, so will have plenty to catch up on
later in August 8) 8)

Good wishes to all

sbk :lol: :lol:
By red24
#161344 Holiday was excellent, did nothing, too hot, drank too much, got up late........then it was over.
Still feel like I'm on holiday after living here for nearly 2 months as a lot of the worry has gone.......but the weathers crap.
Hope all goes well for you, don't envy you the moving but you'll soon be sorted, good luck!!
By Jen&Lloyd
#164149 fantastic news sbk3 we are pleased for you and hope it all goes well, we are settling in to launceston and love it, i lloyd have found a job which is good hours and not bad pay, we are also going to open a therapy shop in the town, went to look on friday its suitable and cheap and we are very excited, no phone line yet bt and credit checks but hey cant have it all i suppose!, i can get online at work so we can still do a bit, but all the best and catch you soon
Lloyd & Jen
By hardtime
#164200 good to hear from you at last Lloyd! Nuisance about the phone line - isn't there anything you can do such as pay so many months up front? If they at least would give you a line I've heard that Sky don't do credit checks so you could have a package through them perhaps?

Have you got the kids schools sorted out?

All the best.
By Jen&Lloyd
#164244 Hi Hardtime, we have managed to get our 6yr old lad into school he starts in september but our older lad is going to do his last years in junior school in brum so he is staying with his bio dad to do his sat year and i am going to try and offer up front to get the line on but its like 30 mins+ to get through to BT and sky dont currently offer a phone line just a call package through a BT line so we will just have to keep going and thanks for your responce we hope you are well

Lloyd & Jen
By £76K
#164258 Try talktalk or NT hell
By red24
#164312 Was wondering what happened to you both Jen & Lloyd! pleased your'e settling in and enjoying life.

We didnt have any problems getting a service from Virgin when we moved so give them a try.