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By tia bethany
#44308 i have a gas pre pay meter and at the moment am putting in £25 a week this time last year was only putting in £15 a week this seems crazy. they take £3 a week from a old bill but i need to inform them of our br can they cut u off if u have children? just dreading ringign them as last time i was on the phone 1 hr when i got through the lady passed me on and cut me off had to wait another hour again .
By chrissy
#44333 We don't have a pre pay meter but pay with a card at the post office every month. We pay £43.00 We have 3 adults and one child using water and heat. The cooker is electric and we don't use the gas fire at all.
Our heating is on for an hour or so in the morning and on at night for quite a while as the house gets freezing by 6pm when I get home. And there is at least one shower a day.
Today there was one shower and two baths.
£25.00 a week seems a bit much I think. We have paid our amount for ages and over a year it seems to work out level. I know the gas will be going up but we haven't been asked to pay anymore yet.
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By Ange
#44346 Hiya,

Like Chrissy, I pay mine through a card at the post office once a month.

I only put £10 on there a month as I live alone, so when the bill comes in - if I'm short in any way, then I take the card to the post office. If i've paid too much then I just deduct what's left from my £10.

By tia bethany
#44348 thanks chrissy, ive told britsh gas how much ive been putting in they seem to think its normal nut a friend up the road has her heating on about the same as me but she only puts £10 a week in . i have suggested they come out and check the meter as it could be fauty but they dont seem to think so. dont know what i can do?
thanks for replying love tia x
By tia bethany
#44353 sorry nomoneyhoney must of sent our messages about the same time, think i will try to lok into it a bit more, we do have 3 children and the two of us but dont think we use anymore than my friend up the road, same size house so why is mine so much more than hers she also has pr pay meter and puts heating on same amount of time as i do, same amount of people living in house and still uses same gas company cheers anyway tiax
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By installspark
have a gas pre pay meter and at the moment am putting in £25 a week this time last year was only putting in £15 a week this seems crazy. they take £3 a week from a old bill but i need to inform them of our br can they cut u off if u have children?

Hi there, although I work as a supervisor for another company (the one which sponsors the ITV weather), the procedure for BR accounts should be relatively similar to our company's.

The debt from the old bill should have been included in your BR, and as such BG can no longer collect this through your meter. If they continue to do so then they are breaking the law. Phone BG and speak to a supervisor informing them that as you are BR they are NOT allowed to collect this debt through your meter or in any other manner and if they do not arrange to have the meter reset so that it only takes for what you use and refund the debt charge that you have paid since BR you will inform both the OR and Energywatch. You are advised to confirm this in writing and send it by Recorded Delivery.

I note that you are putting in £10 per week more than last year, whilst some of this will be due to the price rises that BG have had over the past 12 months and some due to probable increased useage because of the cold weather I would doubt if these reasons would acount for the extra money spent. I would advise that over a 7 day period you take daily reads at the same time each day, also note how many radiators you have and their size, whether they have thermostatic valves, the output of your boiler, how long heating/hotwater is used and what size property you live in. Also note all the displays on the meter. BG should have an energy efficiency department who will be able to go through your figures and compare actual to expected useage on a daily basis and raise a consumption query if necessary. This process unfortunately is not a quick one as a gas consumtion query takes longer than an electric query.

Normal gas meters rarely go faulty to the extent that they register excessive useage, however the Quantum meters can go faulty but it is usually an incorrect setting that has been sent to your card that causes an increase in your useage.

Hope this helps
#44400 We hagve a Quantum and I am putting in £25 a week right now, the heating is only on from 2pm till 9pm on a weekday as I just put a fleece on thru the day and dont have the heating on, on a weekend its on most of the day, water is on from 5 till 7 and we cook with gas and thats that.

Mine has gone up loads since last year as well Tia

#44413 i got same with electric try thease 1.94 including vat per gas unit flat rate no standing charge
thats the prepayment meter rate.
there supost too be a non profit making company
By tia bethany
#44462 thanks guys interesting one from u nilla in the same boat as me .
phoned bg today to inform them of my br was passed on and on eventually given a number to call br dept shock after being on the phone over half hour the number unavailable rang back took another 27 mins to speak to someone they gave me a similar number tryed it guess what DEAD LINE so ****** off now . then rang or to tell her we forgot to put it down on the forms spoke to someone else dealing with it snotty cow said send it in writting other or i been dealing with has just taken the details she made me feel like i should carry on paying it i said as much to her and ive said the response i got .bad day . thanks for listening tiax
By tia bethany
#44465 hooray spoke to energywatch they gave me a number they use all sorted they just want a copy of our bankruptcy form and they will do the rest anyone want the number it is for enquiries to 08456070870 cheers guys
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By installspark
#44468 No probs :D
By mrben
#152468 If you are useing lots of gas have you had you boiler serviced if not that may be what it is thats makeing you use a lot of gas :)
By mrben
#152471 keep turning the water and heating on and off uses more gas best to leve it all on low not keep heating it up from cold all the time. Also dont wash you smell a bit but its cheaper :lol: :)