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By Gazza1912
#269353 This might not work for everyone, but I have found that if I save up all my loose change throughout the month, I'm left with a sizeable amount at the end in order to make my debt repayments with. Well, maybe not the full amounts but my loose change goes a long way towards them.

I simply empty my purse, yes I am a man but I prefer to use purses, and I put all the bronze and silver coins into a jar, and all of the £1 coins and £2 coins into another jar and within a short time I have almost £60 saved up.

I then take this into NatWest as they have an ATM machine inside the branch where I simply empty all the coins in and they are automatically counted annd credited straight to my account. I don't have to sort the coins out into little plastic bags either.
#282943 its a good idea but as gazza says it may not work for all though

-try to avoid thinking there is more in there than there really is

-If you put £1 and £2 coins in there be careful that you are not having to draw more money from the bank in notes each time you need to spend, you may cause a banking problem
(apparently lloyds are doing an account that rounds up transactions and transfers the pennies to a savings account( i did this with the coins 20 years ago! if only id have known))
- the safest way i have found is to do the calculation lloyds do for yourself. as most peoples budgets use rounded figures ,make sure you round up and keep your receipts you will then know how much to put in the jar ( much easier if you use cash and your less likely to 'card spend' and it should be sat in your pocket anyway)this trains you to be more carefulwith money anyway.
- bank the larger coins more often to avoid dipping in for treats
a paid bill is more beneficial than a chinese ,lol.

'card spend' - when you spend more than you should, particularly after payday , because the card wont bounce - whereas with cash you have to add up as you go to avoid putting things back at the till
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By DuffNCustard
#325493 One year I saved up all my 20p coins and kept them in an old coffee jar in my wardrobe. I had nearly £40 by the beginning of November and intended to buy the Christmas Turkey with it.

But my sons raided it - little B's, I didn't half slipper their backsides

that put the kibosh on it for me!
By red24
#334043 Ive done this for years, save everything except £1 coins.
Biggest jar I have saves the silver and it holds about £500, £2 jar saves the same, it takes a while and we never dip in but it all pays for a holiday when we empty them!!