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By disneylover43
#199857 Sorry was not sure where to post this question so thought the best place was here.

is it normal to be charged £1 to pay by debit card over the phone ?
I thought debit card payments never carried a charge because its like paying cash,its just that my husband picked up a parking fine last year and was so angry he never paid it and so its now in the hands of the bailiff ,but he arranged to pay weekely as our budget wont go as far as £108 costs :shock: ,so he pays weekly but when i checked the bank statement it shows they charge and extra £1 to pay them over the phone..

we bank with the natwest,if this is any use :D
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By Yogi Bear
#199861 It's not normal, no. It's slightly more common to have a surcharge with credit card payments, which attract a higher processing cost for the merchant or retailer.

But it is legal: a trader can make a charge for card payments, or refuse to accept them below a certain amount, as long as you're made aware before you complete the transaction.

It might be worth asking whether you can pay by BACS (bank transfer) instead?
#199933 Sadly they will dress it up as some kind of admin fee
Bad luck on the parking ticket

My hubby got one of the new ones by post
Its quite a shock when you had no inkling
I prefer to get back to my car & find it myself at least you know
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By Shameless
#200027 When I go and pay my papers at the newsagents I have to pay 50p extra to pay by debit card (and the last time I went to pay them it was £30 so its not like its just a couple of quid going through)

I thought it was quite harsh!
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By Ange
#200057 I booked up one of those Sun £9.50 holidays online and when I got to the final bit it said £1 fee for debit/credit cards.