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By calliej
#162377 Hi All

After being plagued endlesslyby the advert for 6% interest on my savings whilst trying to listen to Yahoo Music I decided to ask them if I could open one while BR. This is the response from the internet helpdesk:

In response to your query, please allow me to advise you that this should not prevent you from opening an account with us. As the account does not provide any credit facilities, we do not check your credit status during the application.

So there you go - as long as you bank online (and it doesnt need to be with Sainsburys) you can have 6% interest calculated daily (though only paid once a year) on all that budgeted money until the bills come in....

If anyone has any other good savings deals please let me know as I have just blown my budgeting that I worked so hard on in a moment (well several actually) of weakness.... :cry: