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#154051 Did a car boot on Saturday to get rid of some clutter and raised £90!!

Yesterday the fuse blew in the dishwasher and now it wont heat up the water...easy come, easy go.......
#154126 At least you have the cost covered without having to find the money out
of your weekly/monthly budjet, I know how hard that would be
:lol: :lol:

Your luck sounds just like mine tho not great but ok :wink:

sbk xx
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#154395 excellent news!
#154600 Hi Hardtime firstly well done on the car boot! and secondly what a git with the dishwasher, but if you can get to brum we was going to list the last of our items on ebay but we are pushing it for time now we have a hoover electra dishwasher its finished in silver and is a push button unit its in good knick so if you can get to us you can have it, it needs to be gone by the 5th of june just pm us if you can get to us for it and then keep your £90
#154641 Thanks for your kind offer but it would cost me too much in petrol to come and see you. The dishwasher is only a couple of years old so we are hoping to get it fixed - it will have to wait till next week as I dont have the budget this week.

My Bissell carpet shampooer has just been written off by the repair company. I bought it from Argos 4 years ago with an extended warranty so I think I an getting a cheque for a new one. (cost £239).
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