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By wantadiscount
#145067 When I first hit financial trouble everyone wanted to assess my income and expenditure. My kids, like any other, wanted to look nice and fashionable, but we also love watching ice hockey and skating, the latter two being luxuries and not allowed (of course)

At the time boot cut was in fashion and my youngest daughter wanted a pair at roughly 40 quid. So I took a trip to the charity shop and bought a pair of size 20 jeans in the right colour for £2.50, then took a trip to the market and bought cotton at the princely sum of 90p. I unpicked the jeans, narrowed the legs and adjusted the waistband. They looked good, my darling wore them all year.

Year after fashion was bleached jeans with bits of lace sticking out at the lower part of the leg. So I took another trip to the market and came back with lovely frilly pink lace. Then undid the hem and part of the legs, bleached the lot and stitched it up again complete with lace. Happy daughter, one more year of wear and tear.

My daughter would be horrified to know that she is wearing the same pair once again this year. The fashion is narrow leg, light jeans with darker patches here and there. I have purchased some dye (3.50), dyed some patches of old unwearable jeans of my own, then put them on her pair whilst wet. Then ditched the lace and hey presto.

We are still watching ice hockey and skating :lol:
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By calliej
#145383 thats actually really cool and very funny.......i can imagine what she would think if she realised it was the same pair of jeans!

my daughter would love that i went o that much trouble for he

my son would curl up and hide! guess its a boy thing... he is overjoyed at the moment because he has just purchased a pair of armani jeans :shock: admittedly from TKMaxx but the little light in his eyes when he touches that little metal bird on his back pocket is very worrying.

i keep telling him to work hard in school - its the only way to keep up with his consumer needs when he's out on his own ....
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By steveo
#145387 its great how you can find ways of saving money and cutting back without being too drastic! although i sometimes wish i learnt those things years ago, maybe i wouldn't have been in such a mess as i was!