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#147687 oh well, it seems like a cooker for two adults and four children is not a priority, yes we got turned down.

hubby phoning tomorrow to see if we can sort it out at all.
maybe you have to be dead to get a grant these days lol!
By red24
#147691 Can't believe they turned you down! Are there no organisations where you live that can donate a cooker to you. Not knowing your circumstances etc but for the elderly theres always somewhere like Age Concern - not saying you're elderly but a similiar kind of place.

There must be somewhere - or else contact CAB - or have you done that?
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By icewhite
#147703 That makes me sick!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Is a cooker not an essential item!!
You would have probably had more luck if you had said you wanted to borrow the money to buy a load of drugs.

I hope they change their mind and if not I hope something turns up for you. I will keep my fingers crossed. :D
By £76K
#147727 Ask them if this is because you are English & living in Wales? Say would it make any difference if you were Welsh, play the racism & discrimination cards
#148057 was on the phone yesterday, either engaged, or no one answering it, will try again today, never giving up hope!

and i hope your wrong about us being English, but i am to be honest i will say, about 50% sure there is something in what you say 76K
By gardener
#148272 Hi

I asked a friend who seems to be in a similar situation to you but has been helped out by a social worker. She suggested you ask to see a social worker and explain the situation because it is completely crazy in this day and age to be without a cooker. Its not like you can go out and get take aways.She said if you go down this route don't for goodness sake act bravely and pretend everything is okay. You have to explain how difficult life is. I am just gobsmacked that there is no money for such a fundamental thing.
#148398 hi thanks for that gardener, we have managed to get them on the phone and friday we posted an appeal, explaining about the bankruptcy, and all money now accounted for, and that we dont want to rob peter to pay paul anymore, and that credit is a no go area now, and that saving is not possible etc etc

If that does not work, then i think a social worker will be our only way forward with this, have already written to them, but have not heard back at all, have been told social services this end is so overworked that many cases are not even looked at ever.

Anyway, also emailed the eosfoundation, they sent us a form through, which I have also completed and sent back to them in hope maybe we can get a grant from them.

We can only now wait and see what happens, if none of this works then it will be back to credit, think we may go for the 10 months interest free option?on a cheap one, as long as it works think at this stage of the game this is all that we care about now!

will let you know what happens

thanks again
#153046 just an update, as yet not heard anything from the dss with the appeal.

not heard from the energy grant application

not happy bunny anymore!

does anyone know how long an appeal with the dss takes?
By Jen&Lloyd
#154599 Hi Problemsgone have you sorted anything out regarding your cooker? we are a way off from where you are but we have a parkinson cowan cooker that is a range type, it has 4 rings at the top and a centre skillet burner for woks ect, its a single oven but has not gave us any problems and the jets are gas and the oven is electric, we was going to list this on ebay it is a cream and black in colour and in good serviceble condition, we are moving out of the house on monday, if you can get to us you can have it to help you out its condition is very good and if you wish we can send you a picture of it but like we said we are bham and we need it gone by the 5th of june at the latest, just give us a pm if you are interested
By £76K
#154645 PG if you search ebay you can arrange a courier to collect
#154810 hi thanks for the offer, but to be honest we have now given up, not got the energy to keep on asking/fighting whatever you want to call it

we have been turned down for help with the flo gas bill,[applied to the british energy trust] bill wont now be paid off until may 2008, have about 30% left in tank to last us until then, we cant order anymore until this bill has been paid, account now closed, we have to pay upfront for anymore gas, once we have paid then they will deliver, stupid or what! so i am back to boiling water to fill up baths, to save what we can in the tank, for the winter.

and well the dss, will phone again Monday, but given up with them as well, so its no cooker now either, [gas one is not good as we wont be able to use it soon! still just about laughing........]

so no other way out really put up and shut up or apply for credit, dont know what to do.

will get an appointment at the citizens advice next week sometime, see if they can be of any help, still not heard from social services, if i put my head under the duvet, maybe it will all go away?

got hubbies hip replacement on the waiting list now, about 13 years they reckon........not priority, life is not that good after bankruptcy, just feels awhole lot worse than ever.

thanks for the help and see ya's all soon

By Jen&Lloyd
#154862 Oh my god & S**t i am so sorry but then i think its not sorrow thats needed right now, we really cannot beleive the crap you are going through, we thought we was having it hard but maybe thats to come, i Lloyd had a back operation in january had 2 disc removed, all thanks to some tosspot chiropractor last july, its not fun carrying flat pack down stairs cause you7 cant afford someone to do it! hell we tried crisis loan for help and we dont qualify for nout neither, so when i screw up my back again which i found came pretty quick not 13 yrs! and this was NHS then i will have to be on incqapaity and loose my ability for the rest of me days., but hun the gas situ is a s**t but we are aware our cooker will burn butane and we are going to store it now so if anything changes or you can see a light at tyhe end of the tunnel just pm us back to this and we will give u mobile contact and its kept for you, pls do try to look on the bright side it can only get better
goodnight for now and sweet dreams
Lloyd & Jen xx
By wantadiscount
#154868 This might not be of much help either, but I do have a little table top two ring cookworks thing. I am NW England and reckon I could get it across to N Wales via contacts, just depends where in North Wales you are. It's not brilliant but you're welcome to it if it helps.
#154969 ah thanks you guys, sorry to hear we are not the only ones having these sort of crap situations right now, what a pain.

we are going for credit I think now, for the cooker, think it was with comets or someone like that, I put in their search bar electric cooker and a microwave, and it worked out to something like £7 for four years.
So we will be going down that line.

maybe we should start up a bad back and hip hop fourm? :lol: sounds like we all need it

thanks again anyway