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#140947 I just called what was telewest to query my bill.Ended up offering me the same package as new customers ie £30 a month for tv phone and broadband.I had been paying nearly fifty!!! Sky are offering similar I think for £36,but you need BT phoneline.Get ringing,both companies are desperate to outdo each other,you could save a packet!!!
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#141851 A few of my mates have been given extra channels or money off their bills.
I phoned the other day - waiting time was 7 minutes, so I thought they are obviously getting loads of complaints.
I explained my situation, said I could transfer to sky for £26 a month, and the silly cow gave me the phone number to call to get diconnected fromVirgin!!!!
I think if I had done it sooner I might have scored, but probably as there are so many complaints, they are not giving out any more freebies.
Damn!! :twisted: :twisted:
#141873 You could always try again,might get different person on the phone!!Have to say I had to queue for 15 mins,plus my connection seems alot dodgier than it was.Oh and while I was waiting in the queue before that they disconnected me I will see how it goes,if my bill is wrong(which I bet it is)or it gets much worse I will def move.I would definatly call again though and complain about get someone much more sympathetic.
#144001 I've just shot a letter off to both Sky and Cable asking that the TV package be removed from my account. (Altogether, in the case of Sky).

My worry is that Virgin/Media are now advertising that the TV package is free if you have either the Broadband and/or the phone package, and that I'd have no choice but to accept it...

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#144080 I got an email from Virgin the other day offering me the XL tv package permanently and £3 off my monthly bill from now on. Its not great, but its better than nowt. The XL package is rubbish, - extra kids channels and music channels.
#144133 We were paying £108 per month and had telephone,tv &broadband with Virgin Media. we did not have movies or 10 meg broadband.

After a quick phone call to upgrade we were told they could give us a better deal - they put us on Very Impressive Package @ £85 and were given free calls, movies & 10 Meg broadband!

Also told price drop in May.
#144157 In may, the 10mb Broadband jumps to an impressive 20mb (same price).
Pac wrote:In may, the 10mb Broadband jumps to an impressive 20mb (same price).

Sorry to correct you, but there is a £2 per month extra charge, but still worth the increase!
simon1966 wrote:
Pac wrote:In may, the 10mb Broadband jumps to an impressive 20mb (same price).

Sorry to correct you, but there is a £2 per month extra charge, but still worth the increase!

No apologises needed Simon. I made a mistake, and you're right, it's an extra £2.

Now whether its worth it, well that would depend on the user. If you're currently on the 10mb, but not utilising the full bandwidth, then you are £2 worse off.

Time will tell if its 'worth' it.
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#144780 we phoned VM to ask about pay per view for a footy match a few weeks ago now.
THEY offered us a better deal by giving us 10mb braodband for £7.50 a month for 3 months and by altering the TV package they saved us another £11.50 a month......

I was amazed....I told all my friends and apparently they have so many deals to offer during the week and so many at the weekend so ring again I'd say.
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#144818 i'd forgotten tv could be so expensive :shock:
#145214 I downloaded the direct debit template letter from watchdog and today received a call from the managing directors officeof virgin media.They said for the next 3 months they will not charge the £5 and they are currently looking at ways to pay online through them so they don't have to pass the charge on that the banks charge them!!! Might be total crap,but I saved 15 quid for it peeps,can't hurt :wink:
#149071 I m on the 85 package (hopefully the OR wont make us get rid of it) The bandwith is essential for me and my hubbys job as is the phone :)

anyway a little while ago my hubby phoned to complain about the skyone lose and he managed to get £5 off our bill and an extra tv drive for NO EXTRA cost- it pays to be persistant :)
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#151945 I was paying about £40 + for phone, bb and basic tv. Phoned up and asked for 3 for £30 and I was told I couldn't get it as I wasn't a new customer. So I asked for the 4 for £40 to include the other 3 plus the mobile phone package. No problem said Virgin and they put me on the 3 for £30 and tranfered me to the mobile part of the buisness who duly rejected my application for the mobile contract due to "credit issues". I didn't particularly want the mobile service but thought that seeing as it was technically free I could get it anyway. The bottom line is that I'm now on the three for £30 package, exactly what I wanted anyway. The tv package is much better also.
#154601 hi guys, im a bit of a techie geek and the other day a guy came over to collect some surplus bricks we had in the back garden, and guess what he is a virgin media installation engineer, he has been with them since the days of cable owners and he did explain the loss of service, as we are experiencing dropouts and v slow browsing, he said that is someone in the area is downloading ie torrenting films or music virgin media cap the usage on the area for four hours and this effects everyone in the area not just the street!, so with them doing this i think this may be why the complaints are constantly coming through, i never had a problem with telewest and have always tried to stay upto date with my bills but due to the drop outs i dont want to pay them the last months service, but then we do need service when we land in cornwall so may be suck it and see
just thought id let you know this, if you are buying hookie films like spiderman 3 or shrek 3 then maybe this is a result to your service restrictions
have fun guys
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