Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By icewhite
#82762 My good news for the day is that I have nearly managed to open a new current account with cheque book at the Royal Bank of Scotland. I told them my story that I was going to be entering a PTD and that I have to bump my old bank because of the large overdraft on it as this has to be included in my debts.

I thought I would be totally knocked back, but we proceeded with the application and so far so good. He said as long as I had not gone over my overdraft limit I should be ok. I will hopefully find out in the next few days so fingers crossed big style, as I need to have either a cheque book or standing order facility to pay my landlord, cos if he knew the mess I was in I think he woould boot me out!

Bad news...doorbell rang at 8am this morning, postie standing there with a recorded delivery, I signed and s**t it a citation from court re one of my debts. The galling thing is that it is for under 3 grand! I panicked obviously, but from what I have read of it I have 21 days to make an offer of monthly payments, but I will take it to the money adviser I saw or to my IP when I get one. Bit freaky tho, cos this is the start of it all.

Also, how many of you check your bank statements. I went online to my account and there was a letter saying because they had honoured a check for £22.50, this had taken my over my overdraft limit and was therfore going to be charged thirty squid!!! I checked my statement, it was a mistake, I was still £70 within my limit. I phoned them, they apologised and will not charge me after all. Chancers! :?
#82937 Out of interest-which creditor is taking you to court? Dont worry-this will be included in your TD anyway.
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By icewhite
#83205 Its the Alliance and Leicester.

Spoke to my money adviser re citation, so I have a meeting with Insolvency Practitioner on 31st and am told that she will put a stop on it...heres hoping.