Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By kiltedscot
#35133 My five week has just gone on my trustdeed,

I called my trustee, who checked my file and no objection had came in


I was told there was paperwork that had to done to register as protected, anyone any idea how long this takes?

Hopefully the letters will stop soon. they should shouldnt they?

By kiltedscot
#35293 SCottish Debtor,

Thanks for the link, Ifound it just after it was initially published.

Does it also show under the same section f trust deeds whether the trust deed is now protected?

I do send them all, nowgetting threaened with home visits, not worried now as i know it is dealt with and it jus words on a useless piece of paper

By Anne77
#35294 Hello Kiltedscot,

I am pleased to hear that your trust deed has become protected.
I am sorry to hear about the threatening visits you are reciving as you know I am thinking of going down the trust deed route myself and getting those sort of visits are my worst nightmare as I hope to hide my debt situation from my parents. Would you mind telling me what sort of companies have sent people to your door, if this is a possibility for me I would rather know to expect it.
However you are right they cannot do anything to you now that your TD is protected.
Best of Luck!

By kiltedscot
#35303 Hi Anne,

No one has ever sent anyone to my door, This is the first of a threatening letter to say they will.

Had the calls, had and still do have the letters.

To be fair majority of mail has stopped, MCS who i wasin a plan with before deed, has got their collection enforcement agency to go the heavy hand.

By scottishdebtor
kiltedscot wrote:Does it also show under the same section f trust deeds whether the trust deed is now protected?

Mine doesn't show, the IP knows for sure and will tell you. Plus you can check with the accountant in bankruptcy if its protected (by phone or email)