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By angel
#28915 Can you still have your name on utility accounts whilst in a trust deed ?

Also have hire purchase on car which husband needs for work, no car no work, have just been reading fine print and it states that they have the right to take back the car if he enters into voluntary bankruptcy ?

Minds buzzing the day wondering if the trust deed was the right way to go :?
#28950 Yes you can keep utility bills in your own name but check with your Trustee as occasionally they will write to a Utility company and advise that you are in a Trust Deed (usually dont-but check anyway)

Unlikely they will take a car back on HP as long as paymnts are made-however if the HP agreement finishes before your Trust Deed ends, they could (if the car is worth anything) sell it when it becomes yours to pay of your creditors.This would be unlikely if it will be worth less than a grand by then.

your Trustee should have got a valuation before your TD was signed, so ask........ :D