Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By atomicbomb
#27301 Hello,
I entered into a protected trust deed this year (october 05) and prior to this had started a new bank account with the alliance and Liescter ( :evil: )
when they got word i had signed up to a PTD they immidiatley froze my accounts and keft me pretty much high and dry. So, the next step was to try and get a new account. The co-op and HBOS accepted me, but the co-op wanted the ends of the earth in terms of i.d: my home address is different on several bills, but the same (if you understand - they did'nt).
So growing more and more frustrated at cashing in cheques etc, cash lying about, i doscovered the nationwide had an account, which i have been accpeted for without any trouble, and they have offered me a visa debit card too. Is this, again, to good to be true, or will they too pull the rug out from under my feet?
What do you think? I passed a in-branch credit scoring too.
By Mel_Odious
#27308 Suck it and see as they say.
Nobody here can tell for sure, I'm sure.

By kiltedscot
#27355 Can they just freeze your account, if you have no credit facility with them.

I am about to enter into a trust deed, and got advised to clear any overdraft and remove the facility.

Why freeze the account if you not due them any money?

Can somebody pleaseexplain this to me.

#27404 Many banks read the Gazettes.Two that I do know of are HBOS and the Woolwich and now Alliance and Leicester it seems.Unfortunately it is up to them if they offer you Banking facilities, no one has a legal right to them......... :( ,though in my opinion everyone should do.

I know that Trust Deed is not quite Bankruptcy-but some Banks feel that cos you are in the Gazettes it serious enough for them to pull the plug.
By kiltedscot
#27421 Oh fiddlesticks,

I am with one of those mentioned banks.

I wonder if it would be sensible to chnage to another bank before i go for the trust deed

#27426 I would-especially if its HBOS and even a CardCash or EasyCash account.I posted a link somewhere to basic Bank accs updated, will be on the main forum.Take advice from your IP as to when to do it.
By kiltedscot
#27507 Thanks for advice,

When i had the first meeting with them,i asked about my bank account, as i had direct debits for insurance and my trust deed etc. and was advised just to get rid of my overdraft facility.

Ok now i really am unsure what to do,

surely then if the freeze my account, they stops access to my money, how an they do that, if if my creds dont include them?

#27744 Becasue they read the Gazettes-whether you owe money to them or not they will point to their terms and conditions ie no undischarged Bankrupts or entering into formal arrangemenst with creditors or whatever.

Sometimes your IP will write to them and check if they are a creditor and alert them (most don't if you explain that it is a Basic Bank Account).

Its not right-but it happens.As I said earlier, unfortunately no one has the right to Banking facilities.