Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By jmconner
#23343 i have serious debt problems i owe in the region of 25,000 pounds in credit cards and bank loans i own no property and only have a job that pays 15,000 a year can anyone put me in touch with a agency that can help . i have heard about trust deed but dont know how or who to go to for help . i have debt collection companies calling my work trying to get in contact with me . as i cant pay the debts and my employer is getting annoyed i feel i should quit my job and leave scotland and my family behind please try and help me
#23358 Hiya and Welcome.First of all please do not panic.Debt is solveable and they cant hang you for it.

This is my personal opinion and others may differ but in Scotland, I prefer to recommend that people see a face to face Money Advisor.People will recommend CCCS and Payplan (who are great) but they deal mainly with English clients and while pretty good up her, they are not at the "sharp end of whats going on in the street" so to speak.

Have a look on this site, it will direct you to a Money Advisor in your area and also gives you a link to Debt Advice Information packs pertaining to Scotland on the web.

Please dont run away-it doesnt solve anything- and you have taken the first step by coming here and asking for help.

As far as creditors calling you at work-which ones are doing this?If they call you again, please advise them NOT to call you at work, that you are perfectly willing to sort your problems out and are taking Money Advice, and if they continue to harass you at work then you will report them to Trading Standards and the Office of Fait Trading (who probably wont do ****, but it may make the monkey on the phone back off)

Please read the OFT guidance on Debt Collection ... t664.pdfon

If you wish to PM me your local authority area, I can perhaps recommend someone for you ( I am a Money Advice Worker)