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By Jasp
#121300 My partner has a protected trust deed. Could we get married, or would they want to take my house and salary and savings into account?

By wdm
#121477 Nope. Marry away.

Your partner couldn't have their name on the property until the 3 years of the deed are up but otherwise there aren't any implications. Your income and savings are your own. The only slight query qould be that your partner will have to inform the trustee if there is a dramatic change in circumstances. For example if they are paying £600 a month in rent at the moment but after marriage was only paying half that, then in theory the monthly contribution into the trust could be increased. You don't mention if you are living together at the moment but that is the only problem I could envisage. Get your partner to speak to the trusteee and they will give a definitive answer.

Good luck.
By Jasp
#121610 That's good news - thanks for your advice wdm.