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By Gaz-UK
#83439 I had enough of Yes Car Credit updating my credit file so have chopped them to the I.O.C.
Still waiting for a letter from them to see what they have done about it.

Yes Car Credit today updated my credit file to show that i still owe the debt and are 6 months behind payment.

I find it hard to believe why these companys go out of there way to p1ss you off and not update with the correct information.

As for the Barclays debt which now showing a Satisfied, Bloody MAX RECOVERY has bought the debt and now showing on my CRF's! So, two debts of the same are on my files. I think another letter to IOC is due.

How long does it take to hear back from the IOC after a complaint has been made? I think its been about 3/4 weeks now.

Many Regards

By Mel_Odious
#83440 I've never actually put in a complaint to the IC although I have threatened to loads of times. TalbotWoods may know and I know litepurple complained about TSB to the IC.

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By Gaz-UK
#83441 Hi Mel,

Don't you just wanna pull all your hair out!

Very annoying trying to sort out CRF!
Ive been trying to sort out mine since last September, So nearly a year.
I pitty anyone just starting this, But i guess its all worth it in the end.


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By elmeck
#83507 Hi

I put 3 complaints to the ICO.

The 1st one took about 3 weeks but the second 2 were closer to 5 weeks.

This extra time is probably due the the increase in complaints that the ICO now gets from members on this forum :lol: :lol: :lol:

My last one was made about March/April this year so it could be even longer now.

What I would do though is call them up about 7 - 10 days after sending the complaint in to make sure they have received it OK. They scan all paperwork in electronically and then allocate a RFA number to it and allocate it to a caseworker.

HTH.......... :D
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By Gaz-UK
#83509 Hi elmeck,

Just called the IC and they have scanned the papers so all looks in good order.
She said it should'nt be long before i hear from them.

Thanks for your reply