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By MissLucy
#62079 After booking myself an appointment went along to see if I could open a 'Readycash' current basic account'
Explained my situation, so she said I won't credit score the account BUT will have to check with some bureau that you are actually DISCHARGED :cry: She said this isn't with Experian or Equifax, but they needed proof I was discharged.
She was away a bit, then said yes it shows your actual discharge date (last year) although I was discahrged after 5-6 months into my bankruptcy.
She said, we're updating the normal cashcard to a Solo, have read Maestro but she said Solo. But she wasn't sure if I'd get a Solo or the cashcard! I'm leaving the Co-op cos of problems I've had. Plus for me I'll have a local branch down the road!

#62085 Lucy did you see the birthday greeting thread for you over on OT
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By TalbotWoods
#62087 The Meastor symbol appears on the back of solo cards, which means you can draw cash out of ATM on the continent, which are mostly meastro machines (they dont have link)

So it is very probable that it is just a just a solo card only in the UK

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By MissLucy
#62099 Hi Nilla yes read my birthday greetings - cheered me up :D
Hi Tim, know what you mean, you see Maesto abroad, too good if they gave you a full debit card as in the Maestro.
But Solo is widely accepted and on the net,I wonder what bureau she meant? I wonder if it was the Gazette? Just curious really :?:

Nite all
Lucy x
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By MissLucy
#62982 Just an update, received my card from Yorkshire Bank and it's just a cashcard :oops: However, read from the 13th June they will become Solo/Maestro cards. To get this account they checked somewhere to make sure I was discharged!