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By pauline852
#330753 I was made bankrupt in feb 2009, it was the most shameful thing i have ever gone through (ex bank worker), lost my house and have worked hard at re-building my life since. I have been looking at this site for a couple of years but finally I am taking the plunge to say hello and get some advice. I recently thought I would start cleaning up my credit file and to my horror found that Santandar and Halifax both still show my debt to them which was included in my bankruptcy as being defaulted and they have been doing this since feb 2009, all my other creditors on the bankruptcy show as settled or have disappeared completely. Am I right in thinking that if i write to them with a copy of my discharge letter and the tenplate letter you provide on here that they then have to amend this ? The rest of my credit file is great, I got a Vanquis credit card (thanks to advice on here) and I am paying it off in full every month, I have always paid my contract phone bill on time and my co-op a/c is fine, it's just these 2 companies causing a blemish on it.
Thanks in advance for any help and to all of you going through the process there is light at the end of the tunnel, believe me I went to the lowest point you could imagine when i lost my home but 4 years later I am happy, debt free, with a man i love and who loves me and have a fab job.....you just have to stay strong and be patience.