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#294923 my husband was made bankrupt in 2007,he received a letter from hm revenues and customs saying he would go on nt code for tax but not till april 2008,then start to pay ipa and we did this,and payed it all but the nt tax code stayed for a year after that so brings us to 2010-2011 tax year now the tax office says we owe them over 2 thousand pounds is this right? they issued the tax code we just payed what was asked to the ipa and assumed once the tax code went back to normal that was him all done,sorry if i sound silly the tax office said get intouch with the receiver, and the receiver says its the tax office,please can anyone help me?
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#295163 OK this is an HMRC error, simple as that.

NT Tax codes can only be applied in the YEAR of the bankruptcy, not the following year, but the year of bankruptcy only.

So it is HMRC that you need to discuss with, as they have made an official error

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