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By peterf
#224185 Hi just a couple of quick questions if i may

Currently my experian credit file shows the following:-

Information type:Bankruptcy
Information Source:London Gazette
Satisfaction date:01 August 2005
Note:When your bankruptcy has been annulled or discharged we will be informed by the Insolvency Service. For further information please see the Report Guide.

Is this correct especially the note section, also i understand that this should fall off my credit report next month is this also correct ?

Also we have been looking at getting a mortgage and we contacted a broker and sent him our credit reports for him to go away and find someone that would lend to us, he said he would not need to arrange any searches until we were ready to go ahead and he had someone that would give us a mortgage 100% however he has arranged a search and it has linked my wifes credit file to mine as in association with me, will this cause her any issues as she has a very good credit rating ?

Lastly any tips on how to rebuild my credit rating i have tried the vanquish etc credit cards but just get declined :-(

By foolishboy
#224186 What else is on your files? Any defaults should show as satisfied or partially satisfied.

By peterf
#224207 nope the only things on my experian file is the reference to the bankruptcy and with regards to accounts my current bank account with nationwide which is the same account i have been running since the BO, all of the companies that had records on there ie the companies that formed part of my BO have all gone the only trace of them is when checking linked addresses it has all my old addresses on them with the various companies that were associated with them.