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#212012 Hi, I appreciate anyone who can answer this. Our bankruptcy attorney dropped us like a hot cake after the bankruptcy was discharged last month..
First, the bankruptcy was in Michigan ...chapter 7. We were intending on reaffirming our mortgage but were never given the opportunity even after SEVERAL conversations with our attorney..he still did not do what we requested. Now the bankruptcy is discharged and we no longer have a mortgage...it was discharged. The mortgage co. has started foreclosure proceedings. They have told us that they would stop, and that if we "voluntarily paid" we could stay. Our questions is, say after 5 years of paying every single month, can the mortgage company EVER go to the court and make a motion to move us out? They said any money we paid would still be applied to the mortgage as usual, but we want to make sure they can't come back at a later date and take the property even though we have paid all along. We do understand that if for any reason we don't pay, they can make a motion and start the proceedings. We are just worried we would be paying with no security that they can come back and take it anyway once the housing market gets better....In a pickle here, with no where to turn..can u please answer this for us? Thanks
#212032 This is a UK based site I'm afraid and the USA system differs dramatically from any advice that would be relevant in the UK.
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