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#472611 Great to see this forum still exists (I remember the ol' Debt Questions Forum from years back and the splendid advice I received from TalbotWoods and others, which I really appreciated).

Hope you don't mind that I've come back for a little more...

My background:
Former Bankrupt (discharged more than a decade ago)
Been offered a job at the Civil Service and part of its checks involve completing a "Character Enquiry Form"
The whole form follows a Question > Yes/NO > If Yes, please give more details... format until it reaches the following question where it becomes ambiguous:

Are you an undischarged bankrupt?
YES / NO (I obviously tick No)
If you have been adjudicated bankrupt please tell us the date of the proceedings and the place they were held in the box below.

Now my first impression is that the second "adjudicated" part relates to the main "undischarged" question and so I don't need to give dates as I am no longer adjudicated bankrupt. However, if I take the sentence on its own then yes, in the past I have been adjudicated bankrupt.

Would love some opinions on how I should interpret this...

Thanks in advance :)
#472612 Hi,
I'm afraid my view is that they are 2 separate questions. One simply asking if you are an undischarged bankrupt but the second one is more probing, wanting to know if you have ever been made bankrupt and my advice would be that you need to answer honestly and say yes. As it was so long ago, it may not impact on your offer of employment - it really depends what job you will be doing. If it is dealing with finance in any capacity then you may find it is a bar to the offer of employment.
Hope this helps - remember this is only my opinion but it could impact much more severely on you if you say no and they find out you have than if you admit you have but that it was over a decade ago.
Good Luck
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