Discussions on life after your bankruptcy discharge.

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By adrianfo
#472602 Hi again,
I just wanted to share so that people can see there IS light at the end of the tunnel.
I was declared bankrupt Jan 2009.
I managed to open a cashminder account with the co-op bank shortly after the deed.
Earlier this week I asked the bank if I could change from the cashminder to a proper, big boy current account, they said yes, of course.
Tomorrow my account opens.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and shared their knowledge and questions with the forum. The first hand experiences and advice, especially in the early years - really made a massive difference to my frame of mind.
Thanks again
By sally1
#472605 Hi Adrian,
Congratulations. So pleased the bankruptcy has worked for you and you are now able to hold a full bank account. It is always nice to hear about positive experiences when dealing with financial difficulties as it is usually a very stressful and difficult time so to hear from someone who has been through insolvency that there is a light at the end of the tunnel is really great.
Thanks and good luck for the future