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By adrianfo
#467783 Hi
It's been a while but....

Bankrupt on 13.01.09
Discharged 26.08.09

After attempting to clean up my files I applied for the £2 file from Experian. I have lived at the same address now for 6 years. All of my financial discrepancies happened at my previous address, I moved here in the March 2008. Experian only wanted addresses from the past 6 years - so this excludes my previous address.

As expected the Bankruptcy is showing, albeit with a different discharge date of exactly one year post BK.
But, I was surprised to find all the defaulted pre BK accounts apart from one are no longer showing, only my actual accounts since the BK are present: mobile phone, current account, vanquis and an online retail company account, all happily ticking over with zeros.
The one that is still showing is a T-moble account which was not included in the BK. Started 14.06.07 settled 18.04.09.
The fact that this one is showing and is from my previous address must mean something, no?

Does this sound right?
I'm going to try equifax

Cheers in advance
By adrianfo
#467793 Just checked on Equifax, all still there (hmpgh)

Marlin Financial are the only ones that still haven't agreeably updated the account. They have a pre BK settled account from the Yorkshire Bank which they bought, showing as defaulted. I will send them one more letter and then try the next step.

One anomaly on Equifax . Experian show my pre BK mortgage as settled. Equifax show it as "payment not received this month" with an outstanding balance of ca £16,500, maybe the post auction shortfall - I don't know. There's also a bunch of silver icons with a capital U showing as "not updated" and the date satisfied box is empty.

I'm really confused with this Yorkshire Bank Equifax thing, I thought the mortgage was, per Experian, sorted. Can anyone shed any light on this. Thanks